Who is Andy Harris?


Andy Harris, born in Worcester UK, is a composer and educator. He studied at Huddersfield School of Music, London College of Music, and London University Institute of Education. In August 1992, Andy moved to Poland and since then has lived in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Łódź, working as both a composer and educator.


Andy has composed and published music in many diverse styles and genres including instrumental, choral, jazz, commercial, musicals, and many songs and instrumental pieces for children.


After graduating, Andy developed both careers, teaching music in schools and to private pupils. His post as Head of Music in a large secondary school in Staffordshire (UK) was the starting point of his professional career as a composer and it was here that he seriously began writing music for children. This period culminated in a series of pieces titled Jazzin’ Around for recorder ensemble, piano and percussion and his first musical for children, Pinocchio. Jazzin’ Around was premiered in Litchfield Cathedral and published by Dolce Edition, and Pinocchio was first performed in the Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford in 1992. Andy also wrote the theme music for two TV cartoons, King Tut and The Pooch Patrol at this time.


His musicals, Pinocchio, The Nightingale and Red, have been performed in Poland as well as the UK. His short musical for children called The Frightened Dragon was premiered at the opening of the new Hilton Garden Inn in Krakow in January 2011.


Andy’s first commercial commission in Poland came in 1995 when he was asked to compose the themes and incidental music for 5 Plays for Children. This was followed by a number of other commissions for children’s songs and incidental music for projects such as Surprise, Hurray, Domino, and some additional music for the Polish edition of Tiger 1.


In 1996, the Polish singer-songwriter Jacek Kaczmarski, asked Andy to compose the music to a libretto he had written about the Roman emperor Heliogabal. To date, this project remains unfinished. More music for the stage followed with the incidental music for the play Cuba. This was performed in 2005 at the Scena Teatru Zaleznego Politechniki in Krakow. Andy has also composed commercial compositions and the occasional piece for music libraries.


Since his youth, Andy has written instrumental, chamber compositions, and works for piano, four hands. The latter include, Preludes (Set 1): Mirrors and Images, Preludes (Set 2): Lines, Cloudscape, Wasteland, The Silence of Peace, Five Miniature Movements, and Two Scenes from Nature. In July 2012, a CD titled Wasteland (DUX 0327), containing a selection of his music for piano, four hands was released.


Recently, Andy has composed a number of pieces for Flute Oboe and Piano in preparation for a second CD planned for release in 2024. The CD will include General Conversations, Łódź Regeneration, Narcissus and Goldmund, and Song of Reminiscence – Henry Grohman’s Legacy.


As well as his work as a composer, Andy co-founded the British International School of Cracow (1995), the British International School Wroclaw (2006) and the British International School Łódź (2011). He retains a keen interest in international education generally.


Andy is an active member of the Soka Gakkai International Buddhist organisation, and believes that through their art, musicians have the power to stimulate positive change in society at a local level and globally. His personal mission statement is:


“Music has a mission. It is the second language of all humanity and can speak to everyone across physical, emotional and spiritual borders. Music empowers unity and with a solidarity of purpose, can heal the wounds of conflict and division. We are not separate entities from our neighbours, but each a small part of the same family that inhabits our glorious planet. As musicians, we must use our voice to remind every individual that they have a collective responsibility for the wellbeing and happiness of all people and to protect our environment for the children of the future.”

Music for piano: Four hands


  • Preludes (Set 1): Mirrors and Images Piano Duet (1994/2001)
    • Statement of Subject
    • The A Priori View
    • Skating on Thin Ice
    • Centrum
    • First performed Indigo Jazz Club Kraków, 2001Statement of Image

  • Preludes (Set 2): Lines Piano Duet (1995/2000)
    • Converging Lines
    • Contrasting Lines
    • Parallel Lines


  • Cloudscape Piano Duet (1997/98)
    • Cloudscape 1 - Albedo I: Building the walls between us
    • Affirmation 1: Bricks and Forms and Lies 
    • Cloudscape 2 - Cumulonimbus: The search and capture of those who are different
    • Affirmation 2: The Canaries
    • Cloudscape 3 - The Coriolis Effect: First deceit, then chaos ans terror on the transports to the unknown
    • Affirmation 3:
    • Cloudscape 4 - Stratus: The betrayal and manipulation of our core ideals
    • Affirmation 4: Ideological Corruption
    • Cloudscape 5 - Nimbostratus: The search and capture of those who resist
    • Affirmation 5: 
    • Cloudscape 6 - Albedo II: The cry of those left behind
    • Affirmation 6:
    • Cloudscape 7 - Cirrus: Our loved ones, our family and friends are beneath the earth and above the sky


  • The Silence of Peace Piano Duet (1997)
    • Sunrise
    • The Colours of the Earth I
    • Waters Blown by Changing Winds
    • The Silence Following Great Words of Peace
    • And There the White and Golden Birds Go
    • The Colours of the Earth II
    • Sunset over Scyros

 CD Wasteland

  • Wasteland Piano Duet (1998)
    • Wasteland 1
    • Wasteland 2
    • Wasteland 3
    • Wasteland 4
    • Wasteland 5
  • Two Scenes from Nature Solo Piano or Piano Duet (1974)
    • Rushes
    • By the Water's Edge
  • Five Miniature Movements Piano Duet (2019)
    • 1) Flowing – Driving Forward
    • 2) Left and Right – Hustle and Bustle
    • 3) Meandering – Lazy and Thoughtful
    • 4) Up and Down – Puppet on a String
    • 5) Cascading – Tumbling Over the Edge




Instrumental music




  • Two Solo Piano Improvisations. (1998)

  • March and Toccata. Two pieces for organ. (1984 revised 2003)


  • Plodding Along With the Birds. Piano and Bird Whistles (1969/2023)

    Jazzin’ Around. Three pieces for recorder ensemble, piano and percussion.

  • Differing Pieces in Different Places! Five Pieces for Viola and Piano (2022/2023)
    • 1) Montmartre
    • 2) Café Tortoni
    • 3) Swinging By
    • 4) Mountain Wedding
    • 5) Clowns in the Toy Shop

  • Jazzin’ Around Three pieces for recorder ensemble, piano and percussion
    (Published Dolce Edition, UK. 1992)

Music for Flute, Oboe and Piano


  • Łódź Regeneration (2020)
    • 1) Fabryczna - Arrivals and Departures
    • 2) The Survivors’ Park – Sunday Morning Contemplation
    • 3) Piotrkowska Street – Lights and Magic, Magic and Lights
    • 4) Tranquility and the Palm House
    • 5) Manufaktura – Saturday Afternoon Shopping

  • Narcissus and Goldmund (2021)

  • General Conversations (2002/2010)

    • 1) The Flower Garland Period
    • 2) The Agama Period
    • 3) The Correct and Equal Period
    • 4) The Wisdom Period
    • 5) The Lotus and Nirvana Period

  • Song of Reminiscence – Henry Grohman’s Legacy (2020)

Music for the stage


  • Heliogabal, a three act opera based on the life of the Roman Emperor Heliogabal (204-222 AD). The libretto (in English) was written by Jacek Kaczmarski. (Started 1996. Unfinished to date)

  • Music for the play Cuba. 12 tracks, 38 minutes. (March, 2005)


Musicals for children


  • Pinocchio. A full length musical for children. (1991/92)Pinocchio. A full length musical for children. (1991/92)
    (Script and lyrics Sheila Wainwright)

  • The Nightingale. A full length musical for children. (1993)
    (Script and lyrics Sheila Wainwright)

  • The Love Quartet. A full length musical for adults. (1994/95)
    (Script and lyrics Ken Harris)

  • Red. A short jazz musical for children. (1995)The Nightingale. A full length musical for children. (1993)
    (Lyrics Wendy Murphy)

  • The Frightened Dragon. A short musical for children. (2011)
    (Lyrics Wendy Murphy)





  • Music for 5 Plays for Children. (WSiP, Warsaw. 1995)

  • Music for ‘Surprise,’ an EAL coursebook. (JUKA, Warsaw. 2000 -2002)Music for ‘Surprise,’ an EAL coursebook. (JUKA, Warsaw. 2000 -2002)
    • Klasa IV (book 1 & book 2)
    • Klasa V (book 1 & book 2)
    • Klasa VI (book 1)

  • Music for ‘Hurray,’ an EAL coursebook. (WSiP, Warsaw. 2005 -2007)
    • ‘Hurray’ starter
    • ‘Hurray’ book 1 plus supplementary material (2008)
    • ‘Hurray’ book 2
    • ‘Hurray’ book 3
      Music for ‘Hurray,’ an EAL coursebook. (WSiP, Warsaw. 2005 -2007) 
  • 'Domino’ project. (Nowa Era, Warsaw. 2007)
    • 5 songs composed for Klasa 1

  • Domino’ project. (Nowa Era, Warsaw. 2008)
    • 7 songs composed for Klasa IV

  • Tiger 1’ project. (Macmillan, Warsaw. 2013)
    • 15 songs and chants

Songs / Choral


  • Christmas carol Under the Star / Under the Christmas Star (Lyrics Wendy Skorupski)

  • Follow Your Heart (Lyrics Andy Harris)

  • We are the Soka Lions of Bulgaria (Lyrics SGI Bulgaria Youth Division)

  • The Lover’s dream (Lyrics Wendy Skorupski) For Soprano solo, choir and piano/organ

Commercial compositions


  • TV Cartoons 
    • Children’s cartoon: The Pooch Patrol (Francis Wainwright Studio, UK 1990)
    • Adult cartoon: King Tut (Frances Wainwright studio, UK 1990) 

  • Motivational / Uptempo
    • Instrumental: I Don’t Know 

  • Promotional Pieces 
    • Instrumentals: Echo Pan, Echo Telecom

  • Space Themes
    • Instrumental: Forbidden Planet

  • Classical (After Philip Glass)
    • Orchestral: Where Human’s Dwell
      1) The World of Desire and Lust
      2) The World of Peace and Serenity
      3) The World of success and Prosperity
      4) The World of Conflict Resolution
      5) The World of Reality and Truth
      6) The World of Decline and Despair
      7) The World of Determination and Perseverance

  • Environment in Danger
    • Instrumental: Aftermath

  • Relaxation Music
    • Instrumental: Paradise Lost

  • Background Music
    • Instrumental: Rainbow People

  • Ethnic / Fusion
    • Instrumental: Polish Mountain Dance strings and horns, Accordion Piece 1 - Montmartre, Accordion Piece 2 – Plac Pigalle

  • Children’s Music
    • Instrumental: Beatin’ the Office Clock 

CD Wasteland


  • Music for piano, four hands.CD Wasteland


  • Performed by Tamara Granat and Eri Iwamoto-Bukowian


  • Contains:
    • Wasteland
    • Preludes Set 1
    • Preludes Set 2
    • The Silence of Peace
    • Two Scenes from Nature




Jazzin’ Around


  • Three pieces for recorder ensemble, piano and percussionJazzin' Around


  • Dolce Edition DOL 404


  • Contains:
    • The Chinese Laundry Rag
    • The Peabody Blues
    • The Supercool Swing


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If you would like to contact me to order a commission or to comment on my music, I would be very happy to hear from you.

Recordings and publications

Currently, I’m in the process of planning the recording of my second CV. Titled ‘Lódź Regeneration,’ this CV will feature my music for Flute, Oboe and Piano.


This section lists my compositions and please note, there’ll be more to come!


Here you can find out a little about my life and work as a composer.

Welcome to my website

Decided to move to Lodz from August 2024. This will provide me with the perfect opportunity to record Lodz Regeneration (finally!). Still no further forward with organising a concert in Wroclaw, but I have accepted the challenge to write the music for another musical. Riding the Bubble Bus written by Kendra Louka.